The annual change of the Haunted Mansion to Haunted Mansion Holiday is on its way to become a DisneyPark classic. And the annual change of the music as well...

The new scores(!) have a long list of credits.
Debuted in 2001 the Haunted Mansion Holiday featured a soundtrack, that resembled Danny Elfman's own music for Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas but was actually composed by composer Gordy Goodwin.

Due some emotional discussions, it was decided that the music sshould be closer to Elfman's score the following year. So in 2002 the attraction returned with a new soundtrack... this time credited to John Debney who already prooved to be the right choice for Phantom Manor. Obviously the score consists of Elfman compositions produced for Nightmare before Christmas thus lacking some originality.

Finally the music of the stretching gallery was changed back to Goodwin's version which seemed to "work better".
13 new scarrols were arranged by JohnDebney. (I must admit that I would have expected more...)

Disney did a great job on the ghost host narration.
Since Paul Frees' voice was and still is an essential part of the whole experience, they asked actor Corey Burton to narrate the story. And the illusion is perfect! He sounds indeed like the original ghost host.

I must admit I liked Goodwin's version, once it was out. Especially the graveyard and stretching gallery queues.

But now, after listening to Elfman's version many times, I love the new one much more. The arrangements are more lively and sophisticated.
Although I am not too sure about the idea behind the "graveyard" adaptation with the original basic tune. They could have left it as it was. The Elfman "disturbances" are rather unnecessary. Overall I think the old soundtrack had more of a flow and was "easier to comprehend"... and maybe that is more suitable for an attraction with lots of distracting audio and visual elements ...

But now you have the chance to compare both.
Here is the old soundtrack by Gordy Goodwin
and the current version... by Danny... ahm... John Debney.





The Foyer
0:17 min

The Stretching Room with Ghost-Host (2001+current)
1:14 min

1:23 min

Hallway (2001)
1:04 min

Madame Leota *The 13 Days till Xmas*
2:01 min

Madame Leota *The 13 Days till Xmas* (2001)

2:01 min

The Ballroom Music
0:40 min

The Ballroom Music (2001)
1:13 min

The Graveyard *What's this...*
2:01 min

The Graveyard *What's this...* (2001)
3:00 min